Testing out the idea

Like any time we get together to film something, it was a cold and blustery day, with the worst filming conditions you can imagine - bright patches of sunlight interspersed with pouring rain.

Nonetheless, we had gathered a wonderfully passionate crew together to try out the ideas we had about how Dan & Alice would be filmed, a days work which resulted in teaser scenes from the film that we'll be releasing as we raise funds for the project.

Throughout the day, we tried out the building blocks that will make this film - how many cameras do you need to shoot each scene, and get enough angles for a good edit? How do we mount the cameras in the car to be able to travel with Dan & Alice? Can you create and intimate space and allow the actors to flow freely, while regaining control of your lighting and positioning? Can we work around sound and use a boom, or does everything need to be on radio microphones to allow freedom of movement?

The next morning, we had a lot of the answers, and a lot of confidence - we'd found a way to work that stays true to the nature of improv, and we can't wait to get started on it!

The only question we couldn't answer?


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