It's a WRAP!

We did it! Months of planning, weeks of traveling, and 12 intense days of shooting are complete. Principle photography on Dan & Alice wrapped last weekend, with a return to Oxford for the cast and crew, filming the all-important opening and closing scenes of the film. It proved to be quite a challenge faking a wedding reception with only a handful of family and friends (some of whom actually made the journey to Oxford from London especially to help out), but we managed to pull it off thanks to the hard work and commitment of everyone.

We've been very lucky to have had a huge amount of support in the making of this film, and last weekend was no exception.... but it all began with 74 wonderfully generous Kickstarter backers, who allowed us to head out on the road in the first place. We can't thank you enough. Your belief in our project has spurred us on during some of the most challenging days on the shoot, and we think you will be very proud of what we have collectively achieved once you see the finished film.

It will be some time. There's a long road of post-production now ahead of us, starting with the director's first assembly of the edit, which will begin at the end of October. But we'll keep you up to date all along the way and let you know how we're getting on.

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