Get a flavour of Dan & Alice on the road from the early test shoot videos filmed for our Kickstarter campaign

Part 7 - I'm just going to let it happen

Forced into an overnight stop and crashing in the lounge of Liam, their new travel companion, Dan and Alice's drunken flirtation reaches dangerous heights. [4m20s]

Part 6 - Can I tell you something honestly?

Hints of real affection begin to surface under the small-talk as Dan and Alice drive in to the night. [2m10s]

Part 5 - That's exactly what i want to do

Dan opens up to Alice about his dreams for the future. [1m18s]

Part 4 - Are you seriously going to sleep?

Dan's attempts to keep Alice from falling asleep result in the unexpected... they actually start enjoying each others company. [3m25s]

Part 3 - Why are you looking at twitter?

Tensions in the car rise when Alice seems more interested in social media than helping Dan. [2m15s] Some strong language.

Part 2 - I think we're going the wrong way

Dan very quickly regrets asking Alice to navigate, and attempts instead to distract her with car games. [2m35s]

Part 1 - Is it just the two of us?

Having arranged to make the drive to a wedding as a car-sharing foursome with their respective partners, Dan and Alice soon realise the long journey ahead might not be as smooth as expected. [3m20s]

Director of Photography - Daniel D Moses; Sound Recordists - Julia Hardecka, Valerie Martynenko; Stills Photography - Paul Morrison; Sound Edit - Rossana Masuello